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Integrated Assembly

QuinStar offers a complete line of amplifier subsystems for use in virtually any millimeter-wave subsystem for communication, radars, sensors, and specialized instruments. In addition to many standardized models, customized amplifier subsystems are produced for any specific system or instrument. These subsystems can incorporate features such as: power supplies, pulsed operation, remote control and monitoring, gain and/or power output control, automatic shut-off, and cooling mechanisms.

The amplifiers can be packaged either in QuinStar’s standardized enclosures or in custom configurations unique to the application or equipment. Instrumentation amplifiers are designed and produced to match our customer’s measurement or operational requirements. Amplifiers offered range from ultra-low-noise receiver subsystems to High-Power Solid State Power Amplifiers. These can be designed for virtually any operational environment, such as space, airborne, outdoor systems, or laboratory use. Built-in test functions and controls can also be incorporated as desired.


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